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"I appreciated her balance of gently pushing me while also allowing me to come to my own insights. I came out of the experience with a deeper understanding of my innate talents and interests, and how to leverage those more effectively to build confidence and inspire others. I also gained some honest insight and concrete strategies for taming that inner critic that was holding me back."  Executive Producer, KQED Education


"Kris models the honesty and mindfulness crucial to real growth. She's been an indispensable ally in my career journey, offering encouragement and accountability. Our work together helped me begin leveraging my values and strengths to be the leader I wanted to be." 

Education Nonprofit Marketing & Communications Director 

"Kris helped me see what is possible - she has a unique ability to listen to what I am and am not saying and gently push me to explore why something may be.  She helped me realize what I am capable of and how to own the next chapter of my life."  People Operations Leader    

"Kris worked with me to simultaneously open up my career options and narrow my focus through a positive, affirming, and fun process. I came to this work with uncertainty and within three months, I charted a path forward with action steps and milestones identified."

Nonprofit Media Executive

"As the founder and director of a small non-profit, I hit MAJOR burnout which created a lot of self-doubt and paralysis. Kris helped me define my questions and challenges and learn what I know already and do well in order to build my confidence. From there she helped me uncover solutions, both mental and practical. Kris has a way of reflecting back what is said in a way that creates an opening for greater understanding and inspiration for solutions." 

Non Profit Administrative Director


Om Chitale

Director of Diversity Admissions at Berkeley-Haas | Founder of Teachers of Oakland

Kris helped me unearth the alignment between my work, my values, and my purpose and develop tools to better navigate my own path. Through a combination of reflection exercises, courageous questions, and the energy leadership assessment, Kris and I were able to understand what drives me, what fears hold me back, and who I can be if I take ownership of my mentality.


Kris is warm, and that helped in making me feel comfortable sharing some of my deeper insecurities. She's also a great connector - finding relationships between things I reflected on from session to session. I appreciated her ability to filter details through a broader picture of who I am. 

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