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"Kris has been an indispensable ally in my career journey, offering encouragement and accountability. Our work together helped me learn to leverage my values and strengths to be the leader I wanted to be." -  Joe V., Marketing & Communications Director, Education Nonprofit

How can I support you?

  • Leadership Coaching 

    Coaching for rising leaders and managers to increase self-awareness, resilience, and confidence and grow their capacity to lead themselves and others.

  • Cultivating Inclusive Cultures

    Coaching and consulting for organizations and teams around building inclusive cultures, getting to the root of systemic problems, and retaining and supporting rising leaders and managers. 

  • Career


    Targeted coaching for people who are ready to move forward and toward their next personal definition of meaningful work and find more focus, courage, and confidence along the way.

Om Chitale

Director of Diversity Admissions at Berkeley-Haas | Founder of Teachers of Oakland

Kris helped me unearth the alignment between my work, my values, and my purpose and develop tools to better navigate my own path. Through a combination of reflection exercises, courageous questions, and the energy leadership assessment, Kris and I were able to understand what drives me, what fears hold me back, and who I can be if I take ownership of my mentality.


Kris is warm, and that helped in making me feel comfortable sharing some of my deeper insecurities. She's also a great connector - finding relationships between things I reflected on from session to session. I appreciated her ability to filter details through a broader picture of who I am. 

How Coaching Works

My coaching is tailored to your needs and goals. Typical engagements range from 4 - 12 months and can by weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. I encourage you to schedule a free phone consultation to talk about your goals & your budget and to learn more about my packages, payment plans, and employer sponsorship options. 


Every coaching engagement includes the following:

  • A discovery package designed especially for you to help you begin to think deeply, reflect, and explore the changes you want to make for yourself.  

  • The Energy Leadership Assessment and a 90-minute debrief

  • Exercises to help deepen your learning and make it stick and synthesized session notes​ and key insights to keep you motivated and on track of your progress. 

  • Email/text support and in-between session calls so that you can celebrate, get insights, and stay accountable when you need it.​ 

  • Support around job applications, networking, and personal branding

Some organizations I've worked with 

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