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My Services

Coaching and consulting for justice-driven organizations, rising leaders and purposeful career changers

Coaching and Consulting Packages 

Coaching is tailored to you and your goals. Typical engagements range from 6 - 12 months and can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. I encourage you to schedule a free phone consultation to talk about your goals & your budget and to learn more about my packages, payment plans, and employer sponsorship options. 


Coaching packages include:

  • A discovery package designed especially for you to help you begin to think deeply, reflect, and explore the changes you want to make for yourself.  

  • The Energy Leadership Assessment and a 90-minute debrief

  • Exercises to help deepen your learning and make it stick and synthesized session notes​ and key insights to keep you motivated and on track of your progress. 

  • Email/text support and in-between session calls so that you can celebrate, get insights, and stay accountable when you need it.​ 

  • Support around job applications, networking, and personal branding

"Kris has been an indispensable ally in my career journey, offering encouragement and accountability. Our work together helped me learn to leverage my values and strengths to be the leader I wanted to be."  Marketing & Communications Director, Education Nonprofit


Rising Leaders

Coaching for rising leaders to help them create pathways for growth grounded in purpose and bring their best selves to the important work of serving our most vulnerable and marginalized communities. 

Rising Leader Coaching often includes: 

  • Deconstructing how social, cultural and racial identities and beliefs shape how we lead. 

  • Developing greater self-awareness, resilience, and confidence, and learning to quiet the inner critic.

  • Recognizing our biases, working to change harmful work cultures and reimagine cultures that center trust, accountability, and belonging.

  • Strengthening relationships and increasing ability to influence and coach others.

  • Designing and leading strong people operations processes - hiring, onboarding and offboarding, etc...

  • Creating more balance and fulfillment in life outside of work. 

Business person standing at a crossroads. Conceptual business decision background. Point o

Career Crossroads 

Targeted support for people who are at a career crossroad to help them find more focus, courage, and confidence and take purposeful steps towards their next chapter.

Career Crossroads Coaching often includes:

  • Figuring out ‘what’s next’ and clarifying your key passions, values, skills, and goals. 

  • Developing an authentic career story, one that connects your previous experiences to whatever is next with ease. 

  • Showing up to interviews (virtual and in person) prepared and with a balance of enthusiasm, optimism, and confidence.

  • Learning how to map your network and cultivate relationships that help you get the job you want. 

  • Structuring your time so that a job search fits into your life and does not take over.

In addition, we may discuss:

  • Resume & LinkedIn reviews & edits 

  • Targeted interview prep

  • Company research

  • How to assess or evaluate an opportunity

  • Salary negotiation

Organizational Consulting  

Customized coaching and consulting for social justice organizations and teams who are committed to inclusion and equity, and seek to build cultures of greater trust, belonging & accountability.  

Organizational Consulting 


Design and deliver customized organizational packages that can include staff interviews and organizational assessments/audits, team workshops, leadership team sessions, and individual coaching. Please reach out to discuss a customized a package to meet your needs. 

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