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Career Crossroads 

Targeted support for people who are at a career crossroad to help them find more focus, courage, and confidence and take purposeful steps towards their next chapter.

"Kris worked with me to simultaneously open up my options and narrow my focus through a positive, affirming, and fun process." - Robin, Nonprofit Executive 

Career & Job Search Coaching 

There is no one job search approach that works for everyone. We each have different assets, resources, and fears. I will coach you to have your own insights and share advice from my years of experience hiring and working as a recruiter. 

Together we will set an coaching agenda that is right for you and may include the following:

  • Figuring out ‘what’s next’ and clarifying your key passions, values, skills, and goals. 

  • Developing an authentic career story, one that connects your previous experiences to whatever is next with ease. 

  • Showing up to interviews (virtual and in person) prepared and with a balance of enthusiasm, optimism, and confidence.

  • Learning how to map your network and cultivate relationships that help you get the job you want. 

  • Structuring your time so that a job search fits into your life and does not take over.

In addition, this package includes support with:

  • Resume & LinkedIn reviews & edits 

  • Targeted interview prep

  • Company research

  • How to assess or evaluate an opportunity

  • Salary negotiation

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