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What is Energy Leadership Coaching?

Energy Leadership is a self awareness and leadership development framework that gets to the root of how we perceive and experience the world and how we consciously show-up across the spectrum of our lives. With greater consciousness, we see more options and exercise more agency to choose what is working for us and let go of what's not. 


Together, we will discover your current energy leadership profile and develop tools and strategies that help you show up with greater authenticity, confidence, and courage. 


The process begins with the ELI (Energy Leadership Index Assessmenta research-backed attitudinal assessment praised by leaders all over the world and highlighted in Forbes as an assessment that every executive should take. 


Energy Leadership Coaching focuses on building:

  •    Emotional Intelligence

  •    Dynamic Communication

  •    Influencing and Engaging Others

  •    Problem Solving

  •    Productivity and Decision Making

  •    High Energy Relationships

  •    Health and Wellness

  •    Time Management and Balance​

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