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Inclusion & Equity 

Customized Coaching & Consulting for Nonprofit and Social Justice Organizations

I support organizations, who are committed to inclusion and equity, and help them discover their unique change levers to build cultures of greater trust & accountability.  

I do this work in partnership with colleagues who have different lived experiences and perspectives than mine. We check each others' blind spots and model loving accountability in our collaboration.  My primary inclusion and equity consulting partner is Cory Ervin-Stewart, Founder and Principal at Stewart Consulting and Management. Cory and I met at a workshop for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion trainers and coaches in 2018 and immediately knew that we would work together. Our relationship developed over time serving as thought partners and friends to one another until 2020 when we decided to formalize our partnership and expand our reach and impact.


Together we design and deliver organizational assessments/audits and lead workshops. Please reach out to discuss a customized a package.

Cost: Varies depending on hours and length of engagement. 

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