People & Culture Consulting 

6 - 12 Month Retainers or Customized Consulting & Coaching Packages for Nonprofit and Social Justice Organizations

"Kris quickly became a strategic and tactical thought partner for me in my role and helped me see new approaches for tackling culture and people operations challenges." - Imelda U., Talent & Culture Leader


Is your culture and internal structures and processes equitable and inclusive? Do you know your biggest levers for change? Do you know what's standing in the way of this change? I help leaders uncover the unique levers for meaningful organizational change with a commitment to equity.  

  • Are people thriving in their roles and performing at their best?

  • Do people live your core values in action every day?

  • Does your staff know what success looks like in their roles and do they have clear pathways for growth and advancement?

  • Are you hiring the right people, for the right roles at the right time?

  • Do managers have the skills and support they need to bring out the best in their people?

  • Are reflection and feedback part of every project, meeting, and 1:1 check in? 

  • Are you feeling the impacts of growing fast and want to shift from reactive to proactive mode? 

Please reach out and we will co-design a consulting/coaching plan of action that works for you.

Inclusive and Equitable Human Resources/People Operations 

6 - 12 Month Retainers or Customized Consulting & Coaching Packages can Include:

  • Energy Leadership Index Assessment & Debriefs for anyone in the organization

  • Bi-weekly or Monthly 1:1 Coaching

  • Group Facilitation & Team Workshops

  • Support around building inclusive cultures that foster learning and growth, performance management, leadership development

  • coaching, consulting, and facilitation around leadership development, building inclusive and diverse cultures, getting to the root of employee engagement or performance issues,  and retaining rising leaders and managers. 

  • Intermittent check-In calls

  • Unlimited email and text. 

Cost: Varies depending on retainer hours and length of engagement. 

Some of the organizations I've worked with

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