Arianna Taboda, 

Senior Research Associate, Hopelab

Working with Kris, I gained more clarity and confidence around how I wanted to show up in my work and what I wanted in my next chapter. She helped me make progress toward my larger goals while creating space to tackle whatever felt most pressing. I would highly recommend Kris!

Om Chitale

Founder, & Executive Director Teachers of Oakland

I came to Kris hazy on the alignment between my work, my values, and my purpose. She helped me unearth that alignment and develop tools to better navigate my own path. She helped me understand what drives me and what fears hold me back, and try on new approaches. After working with Kris, I feel more empowered and more confident!

Ja'nee Miskell

Kris helped me understand my strengths and challenged me to move outside of my comfort zone in the best way possible. She was deeply invested in my progress and always ensured our sessions were a safe place free of judgment. After working with Kris,  I feel more confident to tackle the challenges ahead!

Harsha Dronamraju

Product Manager, Khan Academy

Imelda Unibe

HR/Talent & Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Leader

Kris quickly became a strategic and tactical thought partner for me in my role and helped me see new approaches for tackling culture and people operations challenges.  She has also supported me more than once when I needed coaching to direct my own career. I am grateful to have benefitted from her support and recommend her highly!

Brian Rodriguez

Senior Manager, People & Culture, Hopelab

I enthusiastically recommend Kris to work with your emerging leaders or staff at a transition point in their careers. My staff love working with her and it's so gratifying to see them grow under her coaching.

Natalie Matthews

Founder, Zero Aspirations

Kris provided exactly the type of coaching I needed. In our sessions I got out of my comfort zone so I could make tangible progress toward my professional goals. Kris helped me get out of my own way so I could move forward confidently.


Adam Rosezweig

Non Profit Success Manager, Okta for Good

Kris’ natural disposition, grounding in theory, and practical experience make her a powerfully effective coach. One of the things I appreciated most about working with Kris was her clear and consistent communication - both in writing and in person. Her thoughtful and organized approach to complex issues makes them easier to tackle.


I I needed help to break through some habits of thinking that were holding me back. and distill what really mattered to me professionally. Kris was a powerful partner for both goals  She helped me identify the root cause behind my feelings at work and we worked together to design strategies to help me find energy while being authentic to who I am.

With  Kris' guidance, I identified the pillars of my leadership style - crafted from awareness of my authentic self - that I can take with me for the rest of my career.

More Testimonials 

"Kris leads by example. She models the honesty and mindfulness crucial to real growth. She's been an indispensable ally in my career journey, offering encouragement and accountability. Our work together helped me begin leveraging my values and strengths to be the leader I wanted to be."   Education Nonprofit Marketing & Communications Director  

"Kris helped me see myself and what is possible - she has a unique ability to listen to what I am and am not saying and gently push me to explore why something may be.  She helped me realize what I am capable of and how to own the next chapter of my life."  - People Operations Leader      

"I began working with Kris to help me identify next steps in my career journey. She worked with me to simultaneously open up my options and narrow my focus through a positive, affirming, and fun process. I came to this work with uncertainty and within three months, I charted a path forward with action steps and milestones identified."  - Nonprofit Executive

"As the founder and director of a small non-profit, I hit MAJOR burnout which created a lot of self-doubt and paralysis. Kris helped me define my major questions and challenges. She helped me understand what I know already and do well FIRST to build my confidence. From there she helped me uncover solutions, both mental and practical. Kris has a way of reflecting back what I had said in a way that created an opening for me to come up with my own understanding and inspiration for solutions. I now have more confidence and several tools in my toolbox that enhance my own practices."  Non Profit Administrative Director

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