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My Philosophy & Values

I provide a platform for rising leaders to elevate their voice and step towards the next level of leadership at work. As they gain more access for themselves, they in turn create more access for others around them, like ripples in water, ultimately impacting the organizational and societal systems and injustices that limit access in the first place.  


My Core Values 

CONNECTION: Operate from a deep belief in our collective and shared humanity; listen with empathy, curiosity, and care; hold space for people to be fully themselves.

GROWTH: Approach things with a sense of possibility and optimism; lean into discomfort and vulnerability and look for ways to always maximize learning.

JUSTICE: Pursue justice and fight for equity in all forms; acknowledge the impact of historical and present-day systems of oppression and use what I have to honor and elevate people who have historically been left out or marginalized. 


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