Cultivate Your Potential 

Coaching for rising leaders and managers to increase self-awareness, resilience, and confidence and grow their capacity to lead themselves and others.

Coaching might be right if you are ready to...

  • ...maximize your strengths and help others on your team maximize theirs.

  • ...develop greater self-awareness, resilience, and confidence, and learn to quiet the critic inside.

  • ...strengthen relationships and increase your ability to influence and manage others.

  • ...give impactful feedback and have hard conversations grounded in integrity and compassion 

  • ...learn to consciously shift and aim your talents in ways that are personally more effective.

  • ...check your own biases and work toward greater equity in your workplace

  • ...create a clear vision for your team and build a team culture of trust and high performance 

  • ...create a better level of balance in your life.

Common Client Profiles:

  • New Managers

  • Mid-level managers

  • Talent/Culture/HR leaders and those responsible for staff development

  • Socially minded-entrepreneurs

  • Education professionals & Teachers 

  • Managers of diverse teams

  • Young professionals

  • Culture-builders

  • Professionals managing change

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