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Coaching mission-driven professionals to increase self-awareness, resilience, and confidence and grow their capacity to lead themselves and others.

Cultivate Your Potential

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Mini coaching session

Free or pay-what-you-can coaching session designed to help you work through a top-of-mind challenge right now.

Topics might include 

  • Strategies for navigating remote work and management,

  • Self care and setting reasonable expectations for yourself

  • Career transitions and job searches while physical distancing

  • Structuring your days & healthy routines

  • Working from home with kids in the house

  • Or another area where you are feeling stuck or unclear how to proceed.

Invest in Your


Helping justice-driven organizations retain and invest in their employees through targeted career development coaching. 

Coaching people seeking purposeful career transitions such as starting a new job, exiting an organization, preparing for a promotion, or a career change. 



How it works

Coaching is tailored to your needs and goals. Typical engagements range from 4 - 12 months. I encourage you to schedule a free phone consultation to talk about your goals & your budget and to learn more about rates, payment plans, and employer sponsorship options. 


Coaching includes:


  • A discovery package with insight-revealing assessments and questionnaires designed especially for you to help you begin to think deeply, reflect, and explore the changes you want to make for yourself.  

  • In session and homework exercises to help deepen your learning and make it stick

  • Email/text support and in-between session calls so that you can celebrate, get insights, and stay accountable when you need it.​ 

  • Synthesized session notes​ and key insights to keep you motivated and on track of your progress. 

Ready to Chat? 

Coaching is a is a results-oriented, structured, and collaborative partnership that facilitates a process of personal and professional growth. It is not therapy, advice or counseling. Making the decision to hire a professional coach is an incredible investment in yourself.  


Click the link below to schedule a free consultation. From there I am happy to answer any questions that you have about whether this is the right experience for you.

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