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Coaching mission-driven professionals to increase self-awareness, resilience, and confidence and grow their capacity to lead themselves and others.

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Helping justice-driven organizations retain and invest in their employees through targeted career development coaching. 

Coaching people seeking purposeful career transitions such as starting a new job, exiting an organization, preparing for a promotion, or a career change. 



How it works

I generally coach clients for anywhere from 3- 6 months (6, 9 or 12 sessions) depending on their goals and life circumstances.


All sessions are via video chat or phone. To determine what coaching arrangement is right for you, please contact me! 

Coaching includes:

  • One Energy Leadership Assessment and a 90-minute debrief

  • Email support and synthesized session notes​ and key insights to keep you motivated and on track of your progress. 

  • Unlimited email/text communication between sessions during the duration of coaching so that you can celebrate, get insights, and stay accountable when you need it.​

  • Reflection & action planning exercises, and other activities, worksheets and homework, which will help ensure that we can spend our session time digging in on the most important topics

Ready to Chat? 

Coaching is a is a results-oriented, structured, and collaborative partnership that facilitates a process of personal and professional growth. It is not therapy, advice or counseling. Making the decision to hire a professional coach is an incredible investment in yourself.  


Click the link below to schedule a free consultation. From there I am happy to answer any questions that you have about whether this is the right experience for you.

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