Invest in Your Team

Helping justice-driven organizations retain and invest in rising leaders and high potential employees through career development coaching. 


  • Individual contributors have moved into management roles and need strategic support.

  • High-potential employees have a lot on their shoulders, and you want to ensure they are supported and stay motivated.

  • Employees need to develop sustainable solutions and take ownership to ask for what they need.

  • New managers or their direct reports are struggling with performance or interpersonal issues.

  • People resist giving feedback or having direct conversations.

  • There are signs that staff may be feeling unbalanced, stressed, or burnt out.

Specific profiles I am uniquely prepared to support given my past experience include those who identify as:

  • New Managers

  • Mid-level managers

  • Managers of diverse teams

  • Talent/HR leaders

  • Education professionals & Teachers

  • Working parents

  • Culture-builders

  • Leaders managing change

  • Young professionals

Common Coaching Topics:
  • Developing greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence

  • Discovering and applying your authentic leadership

  • Managing others more effectively or for the first time

  • Creating a clear vision and goals for your team, your organization and yourself

  • Building a team culture of high performance and trust

  • Giving impactful feedback and having direct conversations

  • Checking their own biases (or those of a colleague) and working toward equity

  • Managing up and managing project teams

  • Dealing with underperformance issues

Some of the organizations I work with

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