Coaching Leaders

Increase self-awareness, resilience, and confidence and grow your capacity to lead yourself and others.

What I've learned coaching leaders like you...

Each leader is unique. We have our own personal experiences and beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world at large. These beliefs, which are often unconscious, profoundly shape how we see the world, how we show up, and how we lead.

I work with my individual coaching clients to define what they want, rewrite the negative scripts they use to operate, and lead from a place of authenticy, confidence and courage.


Together we will set an coaching agenda that is right for you which may include:


  • Exploring and maximizing your strengths and helping others maximize theirs.

  • Developing greater self-awareness, resilience, and confidence, and learning to quiet the critic inside.

  • Strengthening relationships and increasing your ability to influence and manage others.

  • Designing and leading strong hiring, onboarding and offboarding processes.

  • Giving impactful feedback grounded in integrity and a belief in others. 

  • Recognizing your own biases and working toward greater equity in your workplace.

  • Creating a clear vision and goals for their teams and building a team culture of trust and high performance.

  • Creating more balance and fulfillment in their life outside of work. 

Client Profiles I have worked with:

  • New Managers

  • Mid-level managers

  • Talent/Culture/HR leaders and those responsible for staff development

  • Social Entrepreneurs

  • Education professionals & Teachers 

  • Working parents 

  • Managers of diverse teams

  • Young professionals/recent grads

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