About Kris

Prior to launching my coaching practice, I spent nearly two decades in a variety of people development, culture, recruitment, and program strategy roles at fast-growing nonprofit organizations and schools. I have extensive experience with hiring and developing people and teams, building inclusive learning cultures, and launching and scaling new programs. 

I have dedicated my career to helping people - from students to nonprofit managers and senior leaders - unearth their talents, access growth possibilities, and live and work in a way that is aligned with their values and maximizes their potential. 

Equity and justice have always been, and continue to be, significant drivers for how I work.  Marginalized communities, in particular Black, Brown and Indigenous people of color and those who hold LGBTQ+ identities are disproportionately negatively impacted by myriad economic, health, and educational disparities and inequities.  For this reason, I work to ensure my coaching reaches people in these groups as much as possible. Currently 60% of my clients (past & present) identify as a person of color, and 35% identify as LGBTQ+. 

Education and Credentials 

  • Masters in Social Work from UC. Berkeley, emphasis Management & Planning (2008)

  • ICF Certified Coach,  Energy Leadership Index, Master Practitioner, iPEC.


Consulting and Volunteer Work

  • Co-designer/Facilitator and Executive Coach with Silicon Valley Next, nonprofit leadership fellowship program under Consulting Within Reach.

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant & Facilitator, Inclusion Ventures

  • Volunteer Professional Mentor for Braven, a nonprofit focused on ensuring that underrepresented college students are able to put their education to work and land strong first jobs upon graduation.

  • Advisory Board Member, Teachers of Oakland, an organization that uses storytelling to unearth empathy and inspire people to meaningfully support teachers around them.

My Core Values

These values guide my coaching and my life. 

CONNECTION: Operate from a deep belief in our collective and shared humanity; listen with empathy, curiosity, and care; hold space for people to be fully themselves.

GROWTH: Approach things with a sense of possibility and optimism; lean into discomfort and vulnerability and look for ways to always maximize learning.

JUSTICE: Pursue justice and fight for equity in all forms; acknowledge the impact of historical and present-day systems of oppression and use what I have to honor and elevate people from marginalized communities. 


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