About Me

I believe in order to grow and lead professionally, we need to thrive personally, and when we thrive as individuals, we can make a lasting impact in our world. 

Hi, I'm Kris

I love humans. I love our beautiful, messy, and imperfect stories that brought us to today, and I believe in our limitless potential for tomorrow. I believe our zip codes should have no bearing on access to opportunities and I have dedicated my career to helping justice seekers and change agents - from students to executives - unearth their talents, explore growth possibilities, and live and work in a way that is aligned with their values. 

Prior to launching Kris Starr Coaching, I spent nearly two decades in a variety of culture-building, talent recruitment, development, and strategy roles at justice-driven and fast-growing nonprofit organizations. I have extensive experience with hiring and developing people and teams, building inclusive learning cultures, and launching and scaling new programs. 

A note about equity in my coaching.... I know that systemic barriers and inequitable access to resources continue to disproportionately impact people from non-dominant groups including people of color, LGBTQ+ identified, and first generation college students. For this reason, I work to ensure my coaching reaches people who may not have traditionally had access to this powerful development tool. Currently 55% of my clients (past & present) identify as people of color and over 80% identify as women. 

More about me:

  • Masters in Social Work and PPSC from UC. Berkeley, emphasis Management & Planning

  • Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federation (July 2019); Certified Professional Coach & Energy Leadership Index, Master Practitioner, iPEC.

  • Consultant, Consulting Within Reach (Silicon Valley Next)

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant & Facilitator, Inclusion Ventures

  • Advisory Board Member, Teachers of Oakland, an organization that uses storytelling to unearth empathy and inspire people to meaningfully support teachers around them.

  • Volunteer Professional Mentor for Braven, a nonprofit focused on ensuring that underrepresented college students are able to put their education to work and land strong first jobs upon graduation.

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My Core Values

These values guide my coaching and my life. 

CONNECTION: Listen, with empathy, understanding, and care; hold a space for others to be fully themselves without fear of judgment;  know that everyone I meet is my teacher and student.

GROWTH: Approach things with a sense of possibility and optimism; take risks when the outcome is uncertain; embody a growth mindset about myself and others; lean into things that are hard and ask for what I need. 

JUSTICE: Pursue justice, acknowledge the impact of historical and present-day inequities and use what I have to elevate the voices of, and opportunities for, historically underserved communities. 


GRATITUDE:  Act from a sense of enough and not scarcity, embrace our collective humanity and know that the root of joy is my ability to be grateful. 

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